The buyer has the right to withdraw from the purchase - sales contract concluded by means of communication, notifying the seller in writing within 7 working days from the date of delivery. Replacement or returned goods must meet the following criteria: - each item must be returned in its original and undamaged package; - goods shall not be used; - the goods shall not be destroyed; - returned goods must be full and complete set to hold on their appearance. - non-returnable items can be found in 2012. 15 March. Minister of Economy Order No. 4-243 (Official Gazette. 2012, no. 34-1637) on the return and exchange approval of the rules in paragraph 17. Product or its packaging (packaging) change in appearance, which was necessary in order to inspect the objects, they can not be seen as essential its appearance changes. in the case of goods return is caused by poor quality, we are committed to their own funds to replace poor quality product suitable quality product or return the product paid. defective goods replaced or refunded according to "return and exchange rules, approved in 2001 . 29 June. Minister of Agriculture order No. 217. Suitable quality possible return of only the Minister of economy in 2001. August 17. order no. 258 approved Things sales and provision of services when contracts are awarded by means of communication, the rules of the established procedure . Product quality is assessed and determined by the manufacturer's authorized technical center or the National Non-Food Products Inspectorate under the Ministry of Economy. Buyer of defective goods, the seller shall make a written request specifying the goods and disadvantages of their wish to replace the product or return the product for the money paid. To return the product, please inform us e-mail. Email reimbursement shall be paid not later than 15 days after the product's refund request for approval. The amount paid for the delivery of goods, the buyer is not returned. The seller has the right not to accept returned goods the buyer if the buyer fails to comply with the procedure for returning the goods. Product return or exchange is regulated by: the Ministry of Economy Minister in 2001. 17 August. Order no. 258 on the sale of items and services when contracts are awarded by means of communication, the rules of the approval of a new version approved by the Minister of Economy in 2011. 23 December. Order no. 4-959 (Official Gazette., 2011, Nr. 161-7654). Minister of Economy in 2001. June. 29. Order no. 217 "The return and exchange rules for the approval of a new version, approved by the Minister of Economy in 2012. 15 March. Order no. 4-243 (Official Gazette. 2012, no. 34-1637). Government of the Republic in 2001. 11 June. Resolution No. 697 (Official Gazette., 2001, Nr. 51-1778) approved retail rules. The Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania (Official Gazette., 2000, Nr. 74-2262; 2011 no. 129-6108).